Thursday, October 13, 2011

Research Question

What long-term effects would lowering the drinking age to 18 have on American society?

I chose this question because it is something that I have always been curious about. I have heard that in Europe they have less incidence of binge drinking and drinking and driving and I have always wondered if this is a direct cause of their lenient views on the drinking age, and if it was, if it would ever be possible to make this change happen in America. I realize that I have only heard things from other people and it would be interesting to do research on it and see if it is true that it would have positive effects like I imagine it would. I would probably look at statistics for the incidence of these issues in countries where the drinking age is less than 21 and compare it to statistics in America and see if there are any studies that prove that it would make a significant impact. 

I'm not sure if there are any studies that show any link to a lower drinking age having any positive impacts of if there are only theories about what might happen. I am also not sure if it's possible to conclude that a lower drinking age is the direct cause of these issues.

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